How to Open Source with Code::Blocks

Hy, Sorry for the naive question. Can I open the blender source on some IDE ( say Code::Blocks) , or am I supposed to compile the whole blender with linux’s build or scons

I am sure I am not the first one to come up with this.

I have only some basic knowledge in C, but I never yet had the chance to fuss with full size programs. I use Ubuntu Linux…

you can use cmake to create a file project for code::block. After that, just open the file and you’ll have all the code structure and you’ll be able to compile it

Just out of the hunch you are looking to learn and navigate the code, I suggest using the Eclipse CDT. It won’t compile the code for you direct (without a bunch of hacking) but you can still use scons or cmake to do the build from a terminal. The CDT indexer is invaluable when working with large code bases.