How To Optimize Games?

Hey, I’m currently creating a game and in blender, i get great framerate, but when I export, My framerate drops a lot. It’s still playable, but it’s pretty laggy.

I’ve turned anti aliasing off and all that but it’s still not helping. What do I do?

Try to enable tripple buffering , that should smooth it out a bit and also try vsync on or off or adaptive if you use Nvidia and get the latest version of blender from:

If you use Python, you might get errors if the scripts aren’t placed in the correct directory. Check to make sure that there’s no errors in the console (you can enable it by running the BlenderPlayer / perhaps the game executable if you bundled them with -c). You could also try running the game in the external runtime via the option in Blender (below the normal “Run Embedded Player” option).