How to organize an animation?

I understand animation itself, and I have made a decent walk cycle with my character. What I want to know is this: how do you actually set it up?

Having a simple Action is good enough for the GE, but how do I make it so I can use it for actual animations? I tried BAKE-ing it, but it seems to have done no good. I can’t figure out how to make it an IPO! Could someone read me the riot-act on how to actually animate characters? I mean, mainly the correct use of NLA, IPO, and Action.

Yeah, baking is kaput in 2.4x for some reason. You do a walk action, then hit the big X on that and make a jump action, and a fall action etc…
The reason for hitting the X to unlink the action is if you hit “Add New” then it’ll add an action called AC:Walk.001 with all the walk actions IPo’s in it.

Then you goto the NLA Editor and make strips of each Action (Shft-A). Click the Action Icon left of each strip to change it to NLA icon and drag the each strip to the frame you want it to start on, or a few frames before if you want to blend them in (hit N for the Transform Properties).

So you could have walk >> jump >> walk >> jump >> fall
at frames number 0-100 90-120 120-200 190-230 220-250

(hope this prints when posted so walk has 0-100 below it and so on).


Ah, I see. I guess I’ll just have to mess around with it. Thanks Fligh.