How to overcome flat look in Texture painting in 2.8

Aka how to turn on textured shading in viewport?
I know that function is gone but how the hell am I supposed to know where to paint when everything is flat and color is 100% diffuse in 2.79 you just turn on textured shading and you see where is nose mouth etc (of course you need to be in blender render), in 2.8 it’s just pitch black or whatever color you are using.
I never actually used texture paint mode to paint texture but just maps for factors. Now when I want to paint texture when I fill it with color model have look like it’s 2d because color is 100% diffuse and I can see any of crevices or wrinkles to know where I’m painting what, am I doing something wrong how to overcome this flat look?

You can use the opacity in the overlay dropdown (topright)

If you set it to 0 and use the texture as an image texture color input for your model you can see the shaded effect.


God bless you I almost lost my shit because I couldn’t figure it out

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No problem! I had the exact same thing a few weeks ago! Beware that when I lately used texture paint Ctrl+z made it pink. This has been fixed in newer versions of 2.8 so if it happens updating might help :slight_smile:

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