How to override current keyframes?

I have some blend file with a ready character animation (walking, standing, sitting and etc) and I want to change a location of some mesh parts of that character and reflect these changes in all existent frames without remaking any animation from scratch. Is it possible and if yes, then how?

Start over?

But really are there no ways to modify those keyframes without remaking the animation enitrely?

It’s not entirely clear what you need. If you want to simply shift a given animation by a certain amount, you can use an additive strip in the NLA editor. That strip should come from an action containing only keyframes for the controllers you want to change.

If you need to edit the actual character’s geometry, then just enter edit mode and move things around.

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Maybe using a Shapekey ??

No, I want to change a position of character hands with using the armature and apply this change to all existent frames of the animation and in doing so keeping the original animation of other parts of the character. In Edit Mode I can not edit mesh with bones as only in Pose and without bones it would be enough hard.

I don’t think it is what I am finding for.

Then either use an additive strip in the NLA like I mentioned, or create additional “offset” controllers for the hands, and keyframe these.

I have already solved the problem by just duplicating the frames and shifting them to the adjacent ones.

However, thanks for trying to help me all in any case.

Look at the add-on Animations Layers. really worth the low cost to reuse animations and mocap with global adjustments and a additive layer.

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