How to pack a .mov file on a .blend file?

I tried pack all into .blend file when I added my .mov file and when I uploaded my .blend file on google drive so that i can render it on google colabs, when I tried to render it as a PNG, the plane in where the video should be at, is just purple. And so I backread the lines and google colabs couldn’t find the .mov file and it was looking for it on the same directory as it was on my pc. I copied the directory from my pc to my google drive and it worked but now google said that it can’t open the indexer file. However, regardless if it couldn’t open it, the results were good. Is there anyway to pack a .mov file on a .blend file? Because I need to upload my .blend file on a render farm and I’m concerned that the video would turn out as purple instead of the actual video itself.