How to paint on a sphere?

Hi, Im new to blender but not to the modeling.I modeled in Cinema 4D, Maya and 3DS Max but I never textured my models.Now I want to use blender with houdini apprentice and unreal engine 4 and create a complete thing(model with textures).So I started with a sphere and tried to make a poland ball but there is a little problem.I have two materials(white and red) and I want to paint white eyes on the red material but after connecting the painted image texture node to diffuse bsdf node then the red color change to the black color.Can someone help what Im doing wrong or there is a better way how to make a nice white eyes?Please help.Thanks.

Supply the blend file you have (include textures) + screenshots/images that clearly show what you want to so.
Do you want to paint different colours onto a texture or mix two different materials by some texture ? If the latter do the materials have different shaders, if not why do you need two materials instead of one material with a coloured texture for the red and white areas.

Therefore please clarify what you want

I want to properly texture my sphere.Currently I have this (texture from ms paint).I dont know how to make it work with cycles.I just dont know how to make textures properly.

Please show us you node setup.

With what you have provide, a simple: image texture node --> diffuse node --> material output will do the work if it doesn’t then please provide a screenshot of your node setup or a blend file.

There it is

It works in 3DS Max
It even works with blender render
But cycles…
I really dont know where is the problem.

Could you post your .blend file, with textures packed (File/External Data/Pack All Into .blend)? If you have UVs on your model (as it seems) the texture should render correctly. Remember to check Compressed when you save it (many people don’t), to save upload size.

.blend file here
poleball.blend (107 KB)

The file didn’t have an UV map. Image texture node in Cycles defaults to UV coordinates.