How to paint on textures?

Can’t figure it out. Watched some tutorials, but it wont lay any paint on. Any help? Thanks!

If the tutorials were for the version of blender that you are using maybe you should watch the tutorials again and pay attention to them this time. If it works in the tutorial I’m not sure what more anyone else can tell you that you don’t already have available to you.
I assume you have a grasp on the basic concepts of materials and texturing in blender, if you don’t start walking before you start to run.

It’s all in the settings. Here is the simplest setup to paint the default cube:

Create UV Edit window, next to 3D window. UV unwrap the cube. Smart unwrap is quickest. Add image in UV Edit window. At this point you should be seeing UV map over some color background.

Go back to 3D window, in Object Mode. Turn on “Textured” view port shading. You should see cube with he color image you added in UV Editor.

Now switch to Texture Paint Mode in 3D Window. Brush Tool Shelf comes up to the Left. Paint away on the object.