How to paint over another texture?

Hi folks,

Bit of a nooby question here.

Please check the image below and the associated blend file.

I’m trying to paint over a texture with another texture.

I’m unsure as to how to proceed. What i want in my final render is that the background is blue, with a red and black stripe over it. And if i want to change the background color to something else, no problem, i just change the blue texture to green or whatever.

I managed to sort of do it by adding another mix shader and outputing the “color paint-over” texture node to it, but then i only get wishy-washy colors. Messing around with a color ramp sort of helped, but things also started to get a little weird.

I feel sure there’s a very easy, standard way to do this!

Thanks, hopefully in advance!

Paint-over.blend (693.3 KB)

edit: explanation below :wink:

Thanks man, but i can’t get it to work!

In bullets 1 & 3 of your explanation, you mean in the texture paint editor, create texture paint slots, right?

What color should the background be at bullet#3? (you said alpha but i don’t see that as an option, you have to choose a color…you mean tick the “transparent” checkbox, right?)

Sometimes a blend file is worth a thousand words, if anyone could help me out i’d be eternally grateful!

Here is the kind of node setup you can use for your need.

Your background is created with a simple Diffuse, the image over it has been created in the Image Editor, choose Type > Blank, Click on the color and decrease the Alpha value to 0:

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A million thanks, dude, that does it! :pray: