How to parent an empty to another so they both move at the same time

hello, im new to this website, i have been making a robot 3d model for the last year and a half to get right cause im basically a newbie when it comes to blender, my character has 2d eyes which i had went into a shader editor and coded it so that if i shrink-wrap an empty sphere to the characters eyes, a white ball will appear for his pupil as his eyes will be black, i have an issue however, i need it so that when i move the empty on one eye, an empty for the other eye will move with it, so i don’t need to move each pupil individually, oh and it doesn’t show up on the viewport shader for some reason, the final render version that is, if someone could help me i would be so happy

Hi, to be able to understand and help we need to see some screenshots of your setup.

Hi, parenting an object to another is ctrl+P
As per your question about the character’s eyes, I second @digitvisions’ remark, it’ll be easier to understand with a few pictures

Create your EYE with Pupil ( add in edit mode and it becomes part of original, add material and assign for Black and White also in edit mode)…Add empty and Parent the empty to the eye…

Duplicate the whole thing…and move to the side…Select the duplicate empty and add a Rotation Constraint, and select original empty as the target, I used the default settings…

Be careful as the rotation of the first empty is based on whatever you have set as a pivot point… make sure to set it as individual origins and all should be OK…

the eye is very specific, since its a curves 2d mesh the eye is just nodes, since the tutorial has 3d meshes, does it really apply me

To clarify a few things: read up on the general topic of “rigging.” There are several ways to approach this, including maybe moving both eyes with one empty.

“Constraints” will be useful. For instance, a “rotation constraint” tells Blender to pay attention only to the rotation and not to affect any other variable.

Other things, such as “drivers” and “armatures,” can also be helpful.

Really, “rigging” is quite a big topic, and you have a number of powerful tools in your toolbox, along with a cornucopia of video tutorials to show you exactly how to creatively apply them. (And, I’ve seen a’plenty of extremely creative and counter-intuitive tricks being pulled in some of those tutorials!! Things that I would never have thought of.

So, your topic title is really what’s called an XY Problem.” What you want to do is to “have both eyes move at the same time.” But that may or may not be best achieved by “parenting an empty to another!”

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