How to parent object to another one which has "rigid body" physics type?

G’day everybody,

I guess this problem is super-common and there are tons of threads about it BUT:

My airplane must have a “rigid body” physics type, so it can interact with bullet, landscape etc.
I also have chassis and propeller and I want them to be parented to the airplane.

When I parent an object (chassis) to rigid body (airplane), rigid body becomes mad. It flies away and never comes back :smiley:

How to parent object to rigid body so that rigid body doesn’t go crazy?

I will be happy if somebody help.

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Do you have collision meshs/convex hull?
Can you provide screenshots.
Its possible that the two collisions are touching, and bouncing off each other very quickly… or just going mad.

“Chassis” is probably colliding with the “airplane” and airplane tries to move out of the collisions way, only the chassis is parented to the airplane and always follows it -> madness…

Chassis probably doesn’t need to be physics enabled or at least colliding with the “airplane”? I’m not sure how you are trying to set things up, a screenshot might help.

Either you have exactly one physics object (all others are ghost with no weight).
You parent several rigid bodies with compound settings.
You connect several rigid bodies with rigid body joints.

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Ah, ok, I set chassis to no collision. It works. But if I want them to be rigid body (for ex. open/close to land/take off), is there a possible way to parent them, or chassis should be a part of the airplane and animated via bones?