How to perfect center mesh relative to other mesh face

i have beginners
question , how can i center mesh ( cylinder ) to be perfect center positioned to other mesh face
“the fase” (sorry its need to be face not fase ) is the face i like the cylinder to be centered to

attached image to illustrate it


Select your other mesh’s face hit shift-S -> cursor to selected, then select your cylindrical mesh and shift-S -> selection to cursor. That would do the trick.

Thanks! i did try it
and its have problem i did what you did like this :
1 select the airplan model front faces 6 faces
2 shift S -> cursor to selected
3 enter object mode , select the cylinder
4 enter edit mode cylinder selected
5 shift -S -> selection to cursor
the result is that the cylinder Disappeared from view only its origin point visible
what i did wrong here ?

Your cylinder is now probably inside your plane. The origin of your cylinder needed to be at its bottom center for it to snap to the cursor, and it probably wasn’t. You can bypass at least one of the ‘cursor to’ steps by snapping TO faces…

Your cylinder needs to be an object all by itself. If it’s not, press P while it’s selected and click “Selection,” then once you set your 3D cursor to the center of the face, snap the Cylinder in Object Mode to the 3D cursor with the Shift+S menu. It’s important to snap it in object mode because in edit mode (vertex select especially), if you snap the selected mesh to the 3D cursor, it will implode all of the vertices to one point, which is obviously not what you want. After the cylinder Object is snapped, if it’s still not where you want it (assuming the cylinder is still perfectly symmetrical), go to edit mode, select all the mesh, and then Press N to bring up the properties panel (if it’s not already up), go to the very top, make sure the Switch under the XYZ coordinates is set to local, then manually set all the XYZ values to Zero. This will center the mesh to the origin point (which is where the 3D cursor is). If it’s sunk in, select all the mesh, press 7 or 3 on your numpad to go to a top or right view respectively, then grab and press Y to move it along the Y axis until it’s as far out as you want it.

Hope this helps!

What happened is that all the vertices of your cylinder were moved to the position of the cursor, because you were in edit mode. The cylinder didn’t really disappear, its vertices are simply hiding inside the origin point. And it’s no longer shaped like a cylinder…

Skip your step four, and it should work (assuming the origin of the cylinder is at the base of the cylinder. If it is not, move the origin so that it is.)

Of course if you were to post your file we could show you better ways to model this…

Thanks for every one for your help
im attaching the blend file , its looks that this function needs to be very easy but its not working for me
if you can take a lookspidfire4_new_plopelor_texture_test_2.blend (650 KB) at the file and just tell me what actions did you do to center the objects
i don’t interesting to fix the file , but to understand how to fix it
thanks !