How to perfectly sync leggings mesh with character movement?

My purpose :
The mesh of close-fitting clothing (leggings, etc.) sticks to the character mesh for any movement or pose of the character.
I don’t want to make these clothes by extrude from a character.
I want to make it using the sources.

Process so far :

  1. Download leggings and roughly sculpt to fit my character, then Shrinkrwrap & apply. ↓
    (of course, their topology is different)

  2. Add ‘Cloth’ to the leggings, add ‘Collision’ to the character, and animate the shin. (simulation)
    Then the clothes were buried in the knees. ↓
    Reducing the collision distance, scaling the models, and increasing the mesh resolution were all to no avail.

  3. So, I decided to try rigging instead of Cloth Simulation.
    I transferred the character’s rigging data to the leggings using Data Transfer and the Amature modifier.
    However, because the topology was different, the Shape Keys could not be transferred, so the leggings did not match the character. ↓

  4. I used an addon that can transfer Shape Keys even if the topology is different. ↓
    However, the Shape Keys were transferred but did not work.

Now I’m stuck, and couldn’t find any other solution.
Are these close-fitting clothing particularly difficult?
Or is there a standard workflow for this case?
Please help!

Sorry I don’t have an exact solution, but I just want to bump this topic because I also, would eagerly like to know the “right way” to handle this kind of situation.

I think you’re on the right track with rigging, but maybe it’s about copying weight painting with vertex groups instead of shape keys?

I know traditionally, especially with games, they’ll just delete the legs underneath the leggings, but I can understand why that wouldn’t be ideal in all situations!

I could be wrong, but, I’m pretty sure cloth-sim isn’t the right way to go here unless you were making more flowy / dynamic clothes. There’d just be way too much collision computation going on, and at best it’ll just turn your computer into a space-heater. :fire: :laughing:

In the process of ‘Data Transfer’ in 3, the weights are also transferred.
The cause of the problem that the leggings mesh and the character mesh do not match in 3 is :
The shape keys work on the character to correct the bent knee shape, but the leggings don’t have the Shape keys, or even if they exist, they don’t work.

I agree that the way in the game is not ideal at all outside of the game.
And presumably the simulation seems to be more time consuming if the topology is not symmetric.

But above all, the biggest problem with Sim is that the surface of close-fitting clothing is not perfectly smooth due to constant collision detection.
A known bypass to solve this problem is to increase the model scale, but bumpy on the surface is unavoidable.

You could throw in a shrinkwrap modifier after the armature modifier to pull/push all the vertices back to the skin surface. Maybe even add a subdiv modifier inbetween the two of them, to increase mesh density for the subsurf modifier so there are enough vertices to push around in the knee joint area?
Using surface deform (bind leggins to skin mesh, a subdiv modifier preceding the surface deform might help here too) might be an option too, but has some caveats.

honestly… i wouldn’t use the cloth simulations on the leggins.
just make the legs parths invincible (material note) and then just leave the leggings with auto weight to the bones.
I seldom use the “clothes” physics, because usually they cause trouble on animated characters.
i use this maybe for something in the background, like flags or laundry on a line… something like that and if im using it on clothes, then just some parts of the jacked or a skirt / dress, which “waves” with the wind.

So, you mean to Shrinkwrap one more time after posing?
Yes, that’s one of my alternatives too.
Only the part that doesn’t fit like the knee is assigned to the vertex group, so only this group is Shrinkwrap.

I think a more convenient way is to paint with a sculpting brush like Shrinkwrap.
Conform brush in Max is just that.
I’m looking for a brush or addon like this in Blender.