How to pipe polyline

Hello, Blender people!

Short question, is possible, somehow pipe a polyline, or convert it and pipe, or something? Basically, what i need is to create a pipe (with more than 5 sides) around this polyline.
But with some “parametric” operation, because those polylines are very longs and very hight number, so no mechanical ways like create manually a new bezier around the polyline…

Thank U so much for any response :wink:

why not use a Bezier with a bevel shape as you want ?

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Because, I can export just polylines from another software. :confused: so then i get polylines in blender after import, and i want to pipe them, but I really do not know how.

what is that polyline ?
what does it gives in blender is it a sort of Bezier or spline ?

this is being imported from another soft into blender ?

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SOLVED. I didnt know about Alt+C convert mesh to curve, I thought it works just opposite way (mesh from curve). :smiley: stupid mistake

but anyway thank u for response