How to place a 3D model in the same posion an in same size in a photo for rendering?

Hi, I have a real photo of a 3D object. And I also have the 3D object’s model. I want to place the 3D model in the same position and same size in the photo in Blender. The photo I have set it as Blender camera’s background. I have used the software fspy to match the camera angle to the photo with this method My task is to create thousands of rendered images as similar as possible to the real photos. Their angels in the photos are different. So I want to find the fastest way to do it.

Here is the real photo.

And I have the background image from the same view of the real photo above.

This is the 3D model:

This is what I got so far.

But obviously, the model’s position in the rendered image is not the same as the real photo one.

In addition, I know the size of the real 3D models. Thanks.