How to place Cursor to the centre?

Hi guys,

I am a newbie and need a quick support on how to place the cursor to the centre? Also in this forum, are there any restrictions on how many questions you can upload?

The operation system I am using is Mac OS Big Sur.

Please could you reply ASAP.

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The centre of what? To return the 3D Cursor to the 0,0,0 point of the world you can press Shift+C.

To get it to the centre of that object you can either Snap it to Selected (if the object’s origin is already in the centre as it appears to be), or you can enter Edit mode and make a suitable selection, snap the Cursor to that.

if you need to fix the origin of the model, set origin. You can find snap cursor and set origin by pressing F3 (default)

THere are a lot of Snap options. I suggest just reading the manual about each one.

Thank you.

Sorry, I meant set Cursor to World Origin. I guess it is similar to C4D’s Axis Center. I am just confuse on the user interface on blender.

Mesh>Snap>Cursor to World Origin. Or, as mentioned above, Shift+C, which is Frame All, also puts the cursor back at world origin as a side effect of zooming out to show you your entire scene