How to "play a sound" in BGE 2.49b

Hello, I’m wondering, how can I make a sound play in the BGE 2.49b?
I selected the sound and set it up to play when I press the “x” key.
But when I test the game, I click “x” and nothing happens.
If anyone knows the fix please let me know, thanks!

If you are using the 64 bits version, sounds might not work at all. You can use 32bits version in a 64 bits environment.

What do you mean? Is there a 32 bit version of blender for Linux? I thought all Linux systems were 64 bit.

I’ve been using windows 64 bits since the beginning, and Blender 64 bits sound for 2.49b never functioned for me on various computers. Only the 32b builds. Only saying what I know.

ok so I guess I won’t be able to get sound working in Linux then, thanks for the help.

sound works well in my Linux/Gnu/Debian 64 box!
Post a .blend maybe? Don’t forget to “pack” the file!

There are on the download page

the 64bit windows version of blender 2.49 lacked some functionality

I’m running 64 bit Linux. I load a sound sample and click “play” nothing happens.
Do I have to download the 32 bit version of blender? and will it run on my system?

You’re right, I remember now, I think B64 was done mostly for Linux. I tried to help. shrugs

Usually, 32 bit builds should work on your system, but you won’t be able to go over 2 gigabytes of RAM usage.

As for the missing functionality, I think I recall 64 bit capability still being somewhat in the experimental stage so full support wasn’t quite yet completed.

Ok thanks guys, I tried running my game in a newer version of blender (2.63) and the sound worked perfectly.
Guess 2.49b doesn’t work.