how to play action in GE ??

i have a character with walk cycle action ? i want to play the action in GE, how to play the action ?

1.Wrong category

2.Put some logics on your bones

a keyboard sensor,an and controller and an action actuator

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  1. I switched over from the animation side, and I understand your confusion. You have to parent your character to the skeleton, with control-p. Delete the armature modifier if you have one, it will make your bones “more potent.” The new one has a “Make Real” button. I’m told not to push it.

A few posts back someone posted this as a resource.
No poison, eh?

Make sure to add your logic blocks, to the skeleton. I think he covers it there, but if not, it’s easy to tinker until it works.

Also, Why did you start with a walk cycle? Just curious. I usually start with an idle. So I have something to stare at if the walk cycle fails.

thks guys i got it, i made my action to play in GE. if i have any doubt i will get u later:):slight_smile:

What are you trying to say? What do you mean, you’re gonna “get us”?! I’m gonna get you, buddy! I’m gonna get me, my shotgun! I don’t even have to load it, the loading bar is full, bullet installation is complete. White tunnel of death for you, illegal operations!

Heheh, sorry, your choice of words was quite humorous to me.