how to play an armature action FULL ?

I have a question :
Is it possible to play an armature action during the game engine FULL,
with blendin (5), during another action is played (pulse sensor)
if I try this it plays one of the 5 blendin frames and continiues the “main” action
thx for all replys

I believe it matters which Play mode the actuator uses - for example, try Play End mode. Play around with those settings, and see if that helps.

You can play two actions at the same time if both actions do NOT share any channels. Otherwise only one action plays. Wich one is active depends on the priority.

With blendin the actuator blends from the current pose to the active actions pose. It does not mix actions.

what do you mean with “share channels” ???
in every action I need all bones, i have a lower priority-number on the second action and it works,
but only without blendin … why cant it work with blendin? whats wrong?
Without blendin it doesnt looks good …
thx for your posts

solved this with states on the armature (simple logic, but many clicks …)