How to play an avi file like a movie file ?

I have a .blend file with a moving cube and particle effect of 10 frames.

I selected AVI jpeg in the lower combobox in the format panel and saved the output of animation in a directory in the output panel and then pressed the Anim Button . The message in terminal is:
Created avi: /home/dipsikha/dip3/0001_0010.avi

Plz guide me how i can play this avi file in a different computer like a movie file? Should i write this avi file to a compact disc to play it in a different computer? Plz help. I am working in linux and in blender2.42.
Thanking you.
Sikha Devi

There are multiple ways that one might transfer files from one to computer to another. You could transfer the avi to a compact disk or to a thumb drive. If you have internet access you could upload the file to a website that hosts files. These three ways are the easiest.

You have chosen avi jpeg, try choosing avi-codec it will prompt you for a codec it finds on your system. Choose a suitable option. Or as it is a small animation, just choose avi raw, the file size is large (uncompressed) but you should be able to take that to any system to convert ect.

I could not open the .avi file in my computer. How can i play the .avi file in my own computer? I am working in linux.
Sorry for very basic level of question.
Thanking you.
Sikha Devi

To edit video on a linux box, you can use cinelerra
That way you can convert it to any format you like if you have the necessary libraries installed.
You could also upload it to youtube (, which doesn’t need you to be able to play the file on your computer, but after it is uploaded you can view it via your browser.
You sure the video isn’t playing? 10 frames equal less then half of a second, that’s rather short.
Which distro are you using?

I’d just get mplayer, VLC or xine.
The first two play almost everything, and the last nearly everything.

If you want to convert from one format to another you are better off with commandline tools (transcode, mencoder or ffmpeg). The larger programs nearly always end up using these libraries anyhow, so you may as well get it from the organ grinder instead of the monkey.