How To play animamation????

[SOLVED]Hello I am 14 years old and a complete newbie at blender.
I have a problem. When I render my short animation I don’t know how to save it as an animation>
When I click the save as button it just saves a jpeg image of the frame is is currently on
Can anyone tell me how to save the annimation
Thanks for all your help


To render animation set the required format and output location. Then press the Animation button

In the Help menu at the top of the blender window is a link to the blender manual, read it.

I do press that but when it’s finished the only options it has is to save picture as
please help i have spent hours rendering videos but can’t keep tham


Did you set the output location to a valid folder where you want it saved?

No i will do that now thank you heaps

Look at the whole thing that Richard posted. Don’t just stop at the first thing you see. There are multiple steps there. Slow down, read, and follow instructions carefully.

I solved it now thanks you help me a lot