How to play animation based on particle age??

I have a particle system that emits an object with an animation, just wondering if there is any way to make the animation for each particle instance play based on that individual particle age? drivers ?

Sadly I don’t think it’s possible with the current system. The best approximation is to make several duplicates of your object with a variety of time offsets, add then all to a group, and then set the particle visualization to random items from the group. But then that doesn’t really help with age specific animations.

One other option is to pre-render your object animation, and use the particle billboard visualization. You’ll need some sort of software to generate the sprite sheet for the billboards, but once it’s done you can get some nice controlled results. I just used it to generate a bunch of splash animations with nice variation.

Thanks, for now it will have to work. If i make it hacky enough it won’t be noticed.