How to play particle animation in blender game engine

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I have baked a particle animation. Now I want to play this animation once trigger in game. May I or How to play this particle animation in BGE. because particle animation is not IPO or Action. So i cannot conntect this animation in logic bricks. Is any way to do this?

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The Particle System does not work for BGE, only for Blender Render. So you will have to use an Empty that constantly adds Planes and use those Planes as Particles – still.

planes with alpha textures, for example to make smoke.

As C.A.ligári and fr3shdumbl3dore said, Empties adding planes are the way to go. I always do that but not making a particle system but adding soft bodies that go ballistic on a soft body curtain :). You could place several empties in a scene because they don’t have any geometry, and you could place them in random places in a concentrated area to make it look more natural.

Do you guys have any blend file you could share? I’d be interested cos I’m not really sure I understand how exactly it is done. The principle seems fairly simple but the application is kinda complicated I find.

For example, I was watching the other day.
It’s very impressive but I’m not really sure I could import that into the BGE and use it as I’d do with any other animated asset. Will the BGE be able to handle it in real time?
Am I on the right track with such an approach or is that not the way to go?

@blendercomp: While the desctructable Wall has little to do with the Topic on Particle Emitters, you may take a Look at this one…
… and a Video Example:

It seems the Approach was not satisfying enough (or this Thread would not be). And while I like the simple Approach of using a Softbody as described by ReubenUnicruz, it would most-probably eat even more fps than my Example (Soft Bodies are really heavy – but two or three might be in a Scene with little Problem).
In my given Example, the emitted Particles are dynamic and therefore fall according to Gravity.

However, if the Desire is just Particle Effects, then I think it might be best to take a Look at ndee’s easyEmit. It wouldn’t hurt if it got more Recognition – it would be a great Addition for Trunk, I think.