How to point text inwards around a circle

I’m trying to create text in a circle where the text is facing inwards towards the center of a circle. But I haven’t been able to figure out how to rotate the text so that it points inwards. I can create the text and set it along a curve, but can’t rotate it along the curve. Just transform the whole curved text all together.:spin:

I would think that doing this might be a matter of transforming only the axis so that the local z-axis of the object points up instead of out. But I can’t find any way of transforming only the axis.


how do you convert text, can you make it so you can edit the verticies?
to convert text to mesh, use the Object->Convert option

Sorry but this still doesn’t help me. I was able to find a tutorial for what I want to do:
(down near the bottom, warping text around a sphere)

I was hoping that Blender would be able to handle rotating the
text object along the path like it was the x-axis, but nobody seems to know about it. Maybe eventually it will have it.

Blender can do that, here are the image.
Text inside a circle and text outside the circle.

1.)Reset Blender
2.)Create a Circle Curve and scale it up
3.)Create a font object and type your message. Go head and set your extrude on the font.
4.)Convert the font to a mesh.
5.)Add a curve modifier to the font.
6.)Type the name of the curve into the OB filed of the curve modifier.
That is it!
By default you will get outside text. To get inside text switch from X to negativeX (-X) in the curve modifier conttrol panel.


Instead of Circle, do the text wrap around a sphere and then create the cirlcle.