How to: Porting BGE scripts to 2.5

In response to the increase in posts regarding porting scripts to Blender 2.5, I’ve created this howto:

I hope it helps


nice howto moguri. I wasn’t expecting to get anything out of it, but I learned that they switched to real division. That explains why my mouselook script had that argument error when I switched to 2.5 (forehead slap) :slight_smile: Thanks

Excellent resource, Moguri. I too found the bit about real division to be enlightening. And here I had thought something had changed in setMousePosition(). I’m assuming integer division would be a faster operation than real division with an int() conversion, so I think I’ll start using that method from now on.

Hi Moguri,

that is really nice. It is now in my bookmarks :smiley:

I think it should be placed at the resource forum. So it does not move away that fast. I will leave an permanent redirect from the support forum.


Awesome! Thanks! This will really help!

…and it is worth a special link at :slight_smile:

aw, yes! :smiley: Thank you moguri :slight_smile: , the change isn’t really that hard! I already knew most of the changes but I bookmarked it anyways because it’s still very useful…