How to post a .blend file to

Does anybody know how to post a .blend file to I can’t figure that out!

Please reply if you know how.


Click on submissoions in the “about” section

mail it as an attachment to: articles at
the editor will route it to the correct place especially if you have described why you are sending the blend. (I would assume it is for the model archive…)


Here are the instructions for submitting a model to the archive. I am the current model administrator for so if you have any questions I will be glad to answer them for you.


* 3D Files must be in Blender (.blend) format.
* Please include a 320 x 240 thumbnail of your model that represents the model. Not including a thumbnail image will delay adding your model to the archive. The standard thumbnail is rendered on a 75% gray (World settings R 0.75, G 0.75. B 0.75) background.
* Make sure all models submitted include all necessary texture and linked files. Please put all files into a folder and compress them before emailing to ensure they make it intact!

Email your models to:

models (at)

well i don’t have time to upload one to the place illegal_op. but you can find my tank file (the post appocyliptic tank that i beat X-W with) and you can use one of the images i had for it and shrink it down.

if not i’ll submitt it in a month or two. :stuck_out_tongue: the file shouldn’t be to hard to find i don’t think.


Modron’s model repository thread perhaps?

It has been added. Take a look under the new catagory “militaristic” to see it.

it would be nice if X-Warrior would submit his so there are more than one in that section.

Sweet cheers for that illegal_op


You sure can add mine too…If you’re too busy to add it, then let me a few days and I will for sure! :smiley:

(just don’t have time RIGHT now to make a thumbnail and stuff)…

my model is here <–huge image here
or just go there for other images