How to post screenshots

Okies whenever I want to show you about my modelings and where I’m stuck with how can I post the screenshots here?

I know the printscreen key does it but I can’t use the control and the V key so is there another option here? :slight_smile:

Thanks! :wink:

if we DO NOT know what this UNKNOWN operating system is …

then there really is nothing we can do

on my KDE5 Desktop manager the < print screen > pops up the “Spectacle” KDE Screenshot Utility

you can even use Gimp 2.8.22 that can create a screenshot

but without knowing anything about system other than the <v> and <control> keys do not work
– GET A NEW keyboard —
that will fix dead buttons

the snipping tool in windows should work. also, there is onscreen keyboards.

Window -> save screenshot, or ctrl+F3, in Blender. Don’t crop or scale images when asking questions. Images only help you explain things, they’re not a substitute for an example .blend which helps troubleshooting and others reply to you.