How to precisely align islands in UV unwrap?

Hello, everyone.

I’m trying to make a model of a very low-poly axe, and I’d like to have both the right and left sides use the same area of the image, so they look identical. I’ve dragged them into a close alignment . . . but how do I get them exact? I’m including a copy of the .blend file.

Thanks in advance!


LowPolyAxe2.blend (133 KB)

You can select the pairs and press W -> Weld.

That’s probably the easiest way for your axe now, but that’s going to be a lot of work if you have thousands of polygons. So what most people do is delete one half, UV map, and mirror their UV’d half to form the whole again - both sides will have identical UVs.

I think you have way too many seams on your model.

Remove the seam from the back of the head of the axe. Now when you unwrap the head you should get an uv-map that looks kinda like a bat. Then select the three vertices in the middle (on the x-axis) and press ‘shift + s’ -> cursor to selection. Then select either the left or the right side of the map, sed the pivot point to the 2D cursor and press ‘s’ -> ‘x’ -> ‘-1’

I can’t believe I didn’t think of just mirroring! <rolls eyes at self> Well, I’m learning as I go :slight_smile:

I DO have too many seams–I thought that I would only need one lengthwise seam on the haft, but when I unwrapped it that way, the perfectly rectangular faces were parallelograms in the UV space. I tried separating them with the extra seams . . . but it didn’t help.

Any ideas what could be causing that?