How to prepare a video file from a .blend file ?

I have two .blend files, one of a moving cube and another of a moving sphere of ten frames each. I saved these two animations as jpeg pictures in two different directories. I can view these two animations sequentially in preview mode of sequence editor as rendered pictures and i have saved it as a .blend file. I want to know whether i can write this .blend file to a compact disc and view the rendered pictures as a movie scene by opening the compact disc in a pc or television ? Plz guide me how i can do this . I am working in linux and in blender2.42.
Thanking you.
Sikha Devi

well if I understand what you are saying… you are wanting to play a blend file… as like a dvd… I do not think you can do this… I think you have to render out the video sequence as like an .avi or something…, and then burn the video sequence onto your cd or dvd… but I may be wrong…


.blends are 3D project files, not exported content. You need to either line up your 2 projects within Blender (by appending one .blend to another) and putting them into seperate Scenes, then lining them up in the Sequencer, then rendering with ‘Do Sequence’ checked in the Render window.

Or, the most blindingly obvious, is just export .avi or .mov video files from both projects and edit them together in an editing app.

There are so many ways to do this. Hope this helps!