How to prevent a baked texture node applying to all objects with same base material?

Hi all -

I’ll try to explain this problem I have in the clearest way I can.

I have a large model of a building which is split into sections so that I can bake light and shadow textures (the model will be used as online virtual environment). A few different materials are used throughout the model - in multiple objects.

When I bake the texture for one of the objects/sections and plug in the newly baked texture image, it changes all the objects using that same base material. I want the new texture to only apply to that particular object, and not all objects using the original, unbaked material.

I can’t figure out why this is happening and how I can fix the problem. Do I have to rename the base colour for each new object it is applied to? I’m sure somebody out there has a simple answer to my newbie question…

So, do you have a separate material for each slot? i.e. a different material for each part of the model you wish to be different?

It’s also worth asking, is it one object? or multiple objects?

Hi -

I have a small number of materials, used multiple times on different objects within the model. When each material was applied, I simply chose it from the drop down window in the materials tab. For example, one of the most used materials in the model has a user count of 20.

It should be a nice and simple fix then.

Look at the material, and next to it’s name, you should see a number, right? This indicates how many objects are sharing the material. To make it unique, all you need to do, is click the number. It’ll then make it a unique material, and you can do whatever you like to it, without affecting the other mats.

So I’ll need to do that in each object’s material slot (if the material is used by more than one object). Sound right?

Thanks for the advice btw :slightly_smiling_face:

Correct, yes :smiley: