how to prevent an object from going belloe the floor?

Hi-de-ho good neighbours,
i have a somewhat complex problem (complex for me at least):

I’m working on an helicopter setup but am lost as in how to land the thing without going bellow the floor.
Right now, the heli is not a dynamic object. I like the way a dyn obj can accelerate by using force and a slight deleay … very realistic but the thing won’t stay in the air.
Scenario 2: the helicopter is just a plain object (non dynamic) which makes for boring flight control and a difficult landing as there is nothing stopping the aircraft from going bellow the ground.
How do you guys do this?
Any tutorials on that?
I bought the cartoonsmart game engine video which is verry verry good but does not cover my main problem.

Thank you for any hints or links that help me move beyond this hurdle :slight_smile:

here you can download a basic helicopter template:

To make it stop falling you can add a force +Z 9.8 global, that should anulate the gravity.

Thank you for the suggestions and link (OTO)
The helicopter as in the link isn’t exactly what i’m looking for because my scene is very complex (maybe i have to simplify a few things)
As far as “reversing” gravity, I am wondering if this is too processor intensive?
But if this is how it’s done, then i can live with that solution.

Any more ideas?

Most greatful :slight_smile:

The constraint actuator will let you define a ‘floor’ to keep your object from falling through. Works for non-dynamic objects as well.

you are a genius!
OK, thank you everyone for pitchin’ in. I have what I need now … if there was only a “make more time” button!
In case someone will come across this post in a century or two, combining the solutions CloudGL and Jimux have suggested should be very helpful.

OTO has a GREAT heli sim which makes for a fast starting point to those who need a poor man’s version of an RC controlled helicopter.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

You asked about reversing gravity? I did just that. Click on UFO in my sig. The game is gravity based movement.

thanks for the link. Unfortunately, I’m not using Windows so i won’t be able to run it. How ever, I got what i was looking for and after tweaking the settings, it works better than i had imagined :slight_smile:

Glad you found a solution.