How to prevent material thumbnails loading again?


I have a long list of materials, good GPU’s but poort CPU. When the thumbnails of materials are rendering again blender is lagging. (It uses the CPU). Therefore I want to prevent blender to render my materials over again.

What I tried:

  • Let blender render the list of materials in the material-tab and save it as startup-file.
    When I go to File > New, it loads the default file with nicely all materials.
    But sometimes it start to render them al over again and then I have to wait 5 minutes.

Any idea ?



It happens for example when I add a Suzanne in the scene and unwrap it (toolshelf right after creating).
I bought Asset Manager and that could be an alternative solution.

Well that was a short solution. After having some materials in the scene the problem starts from beginning.
Anyone has an idea to prevent from materials rendering al over again?