How to print slices of an object

Hi there,

I’m new to Blender, so I apologize if this is something which is obvious to most of you here.

I want to be able to take a 3D object in Blender and print out 2D slices of it, say along the z-axis, where I specify the number of slices and the min/max z values.

Does anyone know if Blender has this functionality? Or do I need to write a script for this?

Thanks for reading.

there is a script that can take a slice on an object!
i can find it if needed

but you could also use boolean to find a cross section!

there is also the fracture cells or is it voronoi fracture
that can slices a model
but then you manually have to select each slice and move it !

but don’t remermber any script to make N slices!


Thanks a lot for your help!

Yeah, doing them one at a time using Boolean makes sense. Though I may get around to writing a script for this, one of these days . . . .