How to procedurally texture particle object hair?

I generated some low poly fur using hair particles and a single triangle object
How can i sorta “sample” the texture underneath the particle object origin, and color the entire triangle in the color of that “sampled” pixel?

Take a look at this thread;

carterbk gives a solution but it will only work in Cycles (not Eevee).

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That helped me a lot, thanks
May be asking for too much here, but any chance you might also know how to bake this to a texture?
Tried some different settings, if i convert it into a mesh with “make instances real” thing, the material breaks, if i try and bake it with “selected to active”, it just bakes the base texture, instead of the particles, trying different settings for cage and extrusion/ray length didn’t do much

I do not think you can bake a texture to instances you would have to turn them into real objects (“make instances real” and apply the modifier). That would probably break the mapping (“from instancer”)

Some hours ago i come across this also using the from instancer trick which didn’t worked because i was using eevee… also only works for on faces and not from volume in cycles… did something else but found this GN trick no make somethign like colored "particles"… :

so i thought “interesting” and bookmarked it… so maybe…