How to proceed with silhouette fill for animation?

I’m doing some 2.5D stuff with layers of existing art, and would like to be able to add some 2D warping animation to a drawing (head bobs, slight arm moves, etc, all in 2D). I’d planned to trace the outline with Grease Pencil and then convert to polys and fill, but the fill is lousy and won’t deform cleanly, and grid fill doesn’t work on shapes like this (see attached image). I suppose I could use Grease Pencil fills, but they don’t seem to like UVs and I need to attach an existing image to the surface–a grease pencil facsimile won’t work.
My best option I thought, was to lock all the axes and use Dyntopo sculpt to create a decent mesh of triangles, and that sort of worked, but decimated the edges to such an extent that the cleanup would be hours.
Any suggestions much appreciated!

Have a look at COA Tools addon (Cut Out Animation) … it may well be what you’re after.

Thank you! it does look useful, but so far I’ve been unable to install it on either the latest 2.9 release or the 2.8 LTS release on Steam. I’ll keep trying, though.

NO, WAIT! All else failed, and I read the instructions. Got it. I’ll look into this seriously. It seems like a super tool!