How to project a circle on a sphere?

Hi folks!

Got a little question to ask.

Is it possible in Blender to project a circle on a sphere?

I have a UV sphere that I scaled along one axis, so it is now more of an elipsoid.

Now, I’d like to cut a circular hole into the sphere.

What I tried so far was to use a cylinder and boolean operations, but that turned the UV sphere into a collection of triangles. I’d like to avoid that.

I would rather connect the vertices of the hole’s edge and the surrounding vertices myself.

I tried to manually rotate, twist and transform a circle to the sphere and joined them so that I could make the hole but I never managed to get it right so that the smoothed material wouldn’t look distorted aroud the hole in an render.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!

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Axel ‘Anterion’

Maybe this will work:

Take your sphere (UVsphere, I assume) and remove a square-shaped section of faces.

Now turn on subdivision surfaces. The edges of that removed section should be rounded now. Setting the subdivion level to 2 or 3 might even give you circular shape. This of course increases render time, but it might just work.

If it is relatively simple, you could try SpkyElctrc’s boolean script:

It’s still being developed, but I tried it and got pretty decent results with it. For more complex shapes, it could get slow and fail to fill some faces, but it leaves most of the original meshes intact.

The thread where I discovered it:

Hope it helps.