How to properly create an action containing shape keys?

How to properly create an action containing shape keys in Blender 2.5? I did it once by chance and I fail to do it again. In the dope sheet there is Action Editor and ShapeKey Editor, separated. If I add an action in the action editor, can I switch to shapekey editor and create that action? Because when in action editor when I add new shape keyframes, they do not appear.

I want to know it too… With ShapeKey Editor I can create only one action. But what if I want to create more?

I have watched this video and found a way to do this:

  1. So you must go to object data (the icon is cube) properties. Add there custom properties for each your key.
  2. Go to mesh properties, right click on values (e.g. 0.000) at the right side of your shape keys and click “Add driver”
  3. Go to “Graph Editor”. Select “Editing context” (or so-called “Mode”) – “Drivers”.
  4. Click on “plus” sign at the right top of “Graph Editor”.
  5. At the left side of “Graph Editor” select “Key”->Value (<shape key name>).
  6. At the right side on the “Drivers” options select type: “Scrypted Express”
  7. Click “Add Variable”
  8. Variable type: “Single property”
  9. Prop: select type which you went on step 1)
    select your object or mesh.
  10. Enter path: ["<name of custom property for this shape key>"] (e.g. [“prop”])
  11. Above under “Type:” Object (the icon is cube); Expr: “var” or other name if you rename your variable after step 7)
  12. Now Select new action in action editor
  13. Go to object data (the icon is cube) properties, “Custom properties”
  14. Move mouse pointer on property value. Change it. And press “I”.
  15. Select new frame, and redo from step 14 while your action animation not done.

But unfortunately it doesn’t work for Game Engine animation. So I need in way to do animation in Game Engine in Blender 2.5.

O_O There has to be a simpler way…

Please, say to me if you’ll find it.