how to properly fix smoothing?

I’m trying to model the tf2 logo for a weapon that uses it.

but when i look at the model the smoothing looks off

you can see a bright line on part of the model and i dont really want it.

also when i rotate it the smoothing seems to change

as you can see, more lines seem to appear. i modeled it by using a cube and extruding it untill it fit over the picture. is there a proper way to model this while keeping a clean and consistent smooth?

You must tighten your mesh, i.e. to add some edge loops along the contours.

The result is already more acceptable even if you see some weird dark shadows along some edges. The subsurf modifier will polish all this.

Any way, doing some cube modeling for such a round geometrical shape is… hmmm… sub-optimal. Modeling it at an angle is even more sub-optimal. And not using a Mirror modifier is unspeakably sub-optimal. (You see what I mean.) :wink:

All you have to do is to respect the proportions. Starting from a circle seems the most logical choice in here. I used a circle with 40 vertices for the outside and 60 vertices for the middle. (Don’t ask from where I pulled these numbers… They just happen to work.) I had to rotate just a little bit the inner circle to make the “branches” straight. Then I kept only one quarter with 8 faces. That’s enough for the scale at which I worked. It doesn’t really align with the background image but the result is good IMHO.

Well, since I have no use for this blend file, before I delete it, here it is…

tf2logo.blend (555 KB)

It’s not perfect to the 5th decimal but I’d use it any way if I had to. It’s free in every way, CC0 and all. Enjoy!

wow thank you so much! that model is amazing! yeah i kinda feel like a dummy for not modeling it from a circle, so thanks for the advice!