How to properly texture a dog's tail?

Hello, everyone!

Can anyone help me with a tip about how to solve the problem with the dog’s tail? It should look like in the picture on the left. I did all the UV unwrapping and applied the texture, both as color and normal maps.

How do I make the black part of the mesh disappear so the tail would match the picture on the left?

Thank you very much in advance!

Looks like you either need to make use of an alpha channel, or use Screen mixing mode so that only the light colors are added. Does the image have an alpha channel?

Could you show your texture maps, and shader tree? I think that would help someone answer your question better.

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Thank you for the tips! Here are my texture and shader tree:

I think it’s simply a matter of connecting the alpha on the image to alpha on the BSDF. That should make the black go away.

Did you fix the dogs tail?

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Yes, thank you very much for your advice!

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