How to properly texture multiple rooms?

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently picked up Blender to do some modeling, and I wanted to try and model interiors this time. I now have a fairly complex model (lot of walls) that I want to apply textures onto.

I’ve found this one for the walls:

What would be a proper way to apply this to my mesh? See below:

Should I split the mesh? Should I even use UVs? What about tri-planar?

Lastly, the goal would be to somehow export that to Unity 3D, so what I’d like to know is if there is a method that exports well? Maybe tutorials on how to do it? How do you guys texture your rooms?


One of the quickest ways, that still can look very good—especially for procedural type materials, or textures with small random, noise like or grunge like features—is to use the ‘Object’ texture coordinates.

This will not give you seamless flowing textures around corners (that UV mapping could give you), but if the nature of the texture is ‘fine random details’, you likely won’t notice unless actively looking for it.

I think it would work well with your plaster texture.

To set this up as ‘Triplanar’, you would change the ‘Flat’ setting to ‘Box’ projection method in your image texture nodes. Then you can also adjust the blending of the Triplanar projection.
Triplanar is something I would use on more organically shaped objects—a scanned statue might be a good example.