How To Pull Mesh Analysis Data

Hi guys,

I have used the mesh analysis tool to detect thin walls for 3D printing. It works quite well.

I was wondering is there is there a way to replicate this is a python script and pull the data. Does blender have a way to report which polygons are a part of the thin wall?

I can see that I can edit the mesh analysis settings: = True
bpy.types.MeshStatVis.thickness_min = 1
bpy.types.MeshStatVis.thickness_max = 3
bpy.types.MeshStatVis.samples = 5

However I cannot find any documentation on how to retrieve this data.

you can’t access the colors or values of the MeshStatVis, there’s however a python addon to analyse a mesh basically in the same manner. It is called 3D Print Toolbox, you can probably use that to find the bad faces or whatever.

Ah, ok thank you.