How to pull texture of a image?

Hello, I coudnt find anything very helpfull while searched so here goes…

I’ve been modeling a axe from a picture, how can I use those textures to be added to my model?

Like this guy does in the end

Much appreciated if you could tell me! (I know he said something in a comment there but I dont get it at all…)

Help a noob out? :slight_smile:

Hm how can i explain this easiely :smiley:
You just have to UV-Unwrapp your Modell.
To da that splitt your screen and make it to a Uv-Image Editor Windows.
Then select your axe ,go inti the edit-mode and select all Vertices.
Then press U (for Unwrapp) and then Project from View.
For that you have to be for example in the front,side or top view.
Then you can see the Uv-grid in the Uv Editor Window.
You can move the grid over the Image and then you got the Textur.

But this explanation is very rough so you should read this:

Srry for my bad English. I´m German :smiley: