How to put actions subsequently in the timeline?

Hi all.
I have a rigged character with multiple actions (Idle, Walk, Run, Jump,…) and I need them to be in the timeline as keyframes subsequently like | idle | walk | run | jump |…
I know I could use NLA Editor but I need to have actual keyframes in the timeline for exporting all action as one animation in an external game engine.

What if you place all your actions in a row so they happen sequentially.
The select all the actions and press the TAB-Key to reveal their keyframes.
Try your exporter with the NLA in that state…?

What exporter are you using?
Why isn’t smart enough to fetch the keyframes from an action might be a better question.

When I place all actions in a row, select them all and then press TAB, only last selected action’s keyframes are revealed and they exists only in the action, not in the timeline.

The Exporter is a Blender plugin made for a very small game engine called Maratis. The plugin asks to define a start frame and an end frame of the timeline for each animation of the character.

Select all the actions in the NLA Editor window. Press Spacebar and search for Bake. Select ‘Bake Action’ and complete the popup window to set start/end frame. A new action will be created with all your keyframes