how to put an addon to show in the File->Export Menu

Hi all,
I am interested into creating an exporter (that is the actual another FBX exporter but with a few modification in the code).
Problem is I don’t know how to put it so it appears on the FIle-Export menu (as in the image attached),for easy access.
Please help !

def draw_my_exporter(self, context):
    self.layout.operator("export_scene.my_fbx", "My FBX Exporter")

def register():

See Templates -> Python -> Menu

where can I find Templates -> Python -> Menu ? I no coder by any means. I just try to correct the fbx exporter, which cannot export the materials properly and no one seem to help (fbx ascii that is )

In the Scripting screen, there’s the Text editor. You will find the Templates menu there.