How to put an image/logo on to a glass in Cycles.

I’ve modeled a glass and now I want to put a “print”, or an image, on that glass.
I thought it would be easy but I can’t seem to get it to work.

Let’s say I have a logo in PNG-format with a transparent background. Is there an easy way to get that on to the glass material?



Look for tutorials on applying decals - like this:

ok - it deals with overlaying one texture over another - but you should be able to apply the principle (i.e. you just dont have a bottom texture).

Use UVs to control placement of the texture then use the texture alpha as the factor in a shader mix node, to mix the glass and diffuse shaders. The mapping node is there to stop the texture repeating across the rest of the glass

another tutorial I found - which appears to be right along the lines of what you need OP (applying a decal to a glass)

Thanks for the answers! The members of this forum are just amazing.
Seems to be exactly what I’m looking for . I’ll try this ASAP. :smiley: