How to put png image on a model

I want to put a smiling face on this egg. I don’t really know how to use Blender, so I want full algoritm of actions. Help me, please)

There are tutorials for that. Cropped screenshots and a .jpg which doesn’t support alpha transparency doesn’t help instruct you in any way. The used render engine is not visible, version is not visible, view settings for what you’re showing aren’t visible, haven’t mentioned how the model is used for, there’s no .blend with the egg to determine most of that information and help replying.

Linked the material and texture setup for the default render engine. Tutorial on what to include, why, and how, linked in my signature.

Here’s a fairly easy to follow tutorial, link to the relevant chapter.
If you haven’t learned a lot about Blender yet, it might require going back a few tutorials to get a better grasp of the basic functions. In fact if you’re planning on learning 3-D art further than how to make this one project, I recommand going through the whole thing (or a different tutorial it’s not the only option) as an introduction on what the software can do and how.