How to put spokes on a bike wheel?


I’m very new to Blender and animation, and have lots to learn (but love it!!)

My question is, What is the best way to create spokes on a bike wheel I am building? I have done the rim and tyre which was fairly easy…
Now it needs a hub (can do) and spokes (cannot do)
I wold like to create 1 spoke and replicate it around the hub 8 times and then the same on the other side but about 20 degrees out.
I have tried using the spin command, but it spins the spoke around the centre of mass or any point other than the centre of the wheel! What am i doing wrong? The same goes when i do a mirror modifier. It mirrors about the centre of mass rather than the axis. Is there a beter way…?
Thanks in advance,


Make sure the mesh’s center is exactly on the wheel’s center before spinduping it. To move your mesh’s center without moving the mesh itself, place your 3D cursor to where the center of the wheel. Since you already have the rim done, simply select it, press SHIFT-S, cursor->selection. If your rim’s center is off-center, go to Editing(F9)>Mesh>Center New[1] before doing the SHIFT-S thingy. Now, your 3D cursor is placed at the center of the wheel. Next, select your spokes, and do Editing(F9)>Mesh>Center Cursor. Now, your mesh’s center is sharing the same position as the wheel’s.

[1] This will only work if your rim is symmetrical. If not, select only certain vertices that make up a symmetrical selection and use SHIFT-S to determine its center point.

I done spoke on a tricycle some time ago.

Heres some notes i made on how i created the spokes, they might be usefull if you can follow it.

1.model spoke in right hand hole with its length in z axis object centre in centre of spindle spoke hole,rotate the spoke 30 deg clockwise about this centre.
3.instant duplicate rotate spoke as object aboutspindle centre by 45 deg
4.repeat each time rotating 90,135,180,225,270 & 315
5.duplicate first spoke (not an instance) and mirror it about its own axis then rotate 22.5 deg about spinle axis
6 rotate spoke -120.6
7 duplicate mirror about y on centre of spindle
8 rotate about own centre by 133.4


Thanks for the tips. after stuffing around I have it sorted. Long live help forums!!!

Hazza, that is brilliant! Way more than i can aim for at the moment…but sooon!!!

If I knew how to enablie the function keys on the macbook pro- they currently activate ony the mac functions and not the blender functions- bug or am I missing something? I have been accessing the edit menu through the edit bar menus instead. same same but diferent.



awesome. thanks for the tips

Macbooks have a “fn” button you must hold to access the function keys. It is in the bottom-left corner of the keypad.

While the methods mentioned above certainly work, one more option is to use an array modifier using the Object Offset option. That way, both the geometry and the number of spikes can still be edited easily.