how to put subtiles in game

i want to know how i can play subtitles in a game but not when a player hits a button just when a event happens hope that makes sense

Search for Overlay Scene Tutorial

how does the over lay work to make the subtitles play in game?

Add an overlay scene with text one it. At the right time, change what the text says.
You can change when the text changes with the “Delay” logic brick.

would you be able to make a .blend i sort of understand sorry itl make more sense for me

uhmm, its like the video on my signature, take a look at the oppening of the game and see if is taht what you are looking for, if it is I can upload you a file.

thats ecactly what i want to do so yea if you could add a file that would be greath thanks.

Ok Here it is the .blend, and its quite simple, you have to make it work for your scene settup, this can be used in any kind of scene but you have to know how to program your scene to have that, you need a little knowledge of logic bricks to do that.

You can use as you please this script, no creditation needed.


subtitle_example.blend (520 KB)

ok thanks for your help it looks prety simple to understand