How to put the skin on the model, simplest way, please...

…cos I am totally noob;]

A friend made a model & sent it to me with a ‘wireframe’ 2d, as a template. I have made the texture but am struggling to get it on the model.

I have scanned a dozen tuts and searched but didn’t find the help I need.’

I have blender installed as well as GIMP although I made the texture in PSP9.

Thanks in advance, ;]

…um howabout just tell me what format the texture file needs to be in, or something?

I cant take another tutorial that somehow misses all the steps I need to take ; ]


F5 will take yopu to the Material buttons. Add a new material then go to F6 and add a texture. Under ‘Texture Type’ select Image and load your PSP image.

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Hey fligh, thanks for posting. I have read your sigs (twice, they rock!) - I also tried the f5, f6 routine but somehow even that failed to produce what I need.

Now, by way of an explanation, I should point out that I do realize this is not the way to ‘learn blender’ and I shall be doing just that as soon as I complete up this mini project ;] But in the meantime I am stuck with, in one hand a .blend model car that has a basic skin and which I can open in blender 2.34 and in my other hand I have the new replacement skin which, so far, I have been unable to get into the mix.

I fire up blender 2.34, open the .blend file and hit f5 but from there it starts to go wrong as I do not see anywhere the option to add new material nor do I see the option to add a new texture when I hit f6.

Can anyone see where I am going wrong? Should I install an older version of blender? All I need right now is to see this new skin on the model.


take it from there:

hey thanks birras, i have tried to follow the directions in the manual but theres something(s) wrong/missing somewhere. I have learned a great deal so far but still cannot find the way to complete this simple task.

Simple, that is, every other time I have done it, with models made in 3dmax, milkshape etc. Why is it so complicated with blender?

A. MODEL (blender file, made in blender can view in blender etc etc.)

B. SKIN (custom made for “A” based on the template created from “A” and available in any format from bmp to jpg to dds to tga etc. etc.)

Is there not a simple way to hook up A and B ?


Should be simple unless somehow you’re installation of Blender is off somehow.
Here’s how it should go:
select your object in the 3D window
in the buttons area select the ball shaped icon or just hit F5
there should be a tab that’s labeled ‘Material’ you will either see a button with ‘Add New Material’ on it, or if as I suspect the object already has one, ‘Material’ or name of original material which could be anything used by whoever made it. Along side this button on the left is a small button with up down arrows. Click it and you’ll be have the choice to add a new material, BUT if you only want to change the texture - to the new image you created - leave the material alone and go on to ‘textures’ by hitting F6. There you’ll find a similar button on the tab that says ‘texture’, and again it will eihter say ‘add new’ or the name of previously assosiated texture. Sounds like you want to add a new image type, so go to the ‘Load Image’ and navigate to where you have your new image file.
All of that said, it you’re making a game then you probably want to skip all of this and apply your image as a UV texture. Please go to Blender references for doing that and see if they make sense to you.

Thanks Pam, I will re-install blender and follow your directions, much appreciated.