how to put two textures on same uv map?

I have a character head model I made. The problem is I want to put hair texture/picture I made where the hair would be and use the already made face texture/picture I made where the face is. I selected the part where I want the hair to go but I don’t know what to do next. I can only have one uv map per obj file in the game engine I’m using. And, it can only have one texture file. Can anyone help me? I’ve been searching how to do this for days now.

It will depend on the render engine you’re using. But basically, you can use an auxilar UVmap for your hair; you’ll need a mask to mix the hair texture/skin texture; and in the end bake both textures onto your base UVmap.

Thanks, I ended up just doing the hair in photoshop with layers. Something went wrong somewhere because when I take the baked textures and my model in game there are shadow artifacts or something, really messed up my project. :confused: